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Beam Suntory and De Kuyper ink distribution deal

As of 1 January 2018, De Kuyper will market Beam Suntory’s key brands, such as Jim Beam, Makers Mark and Sauza Tequila, in the Netherlands.

Manfred Jus, managing director – Western Europe for Beam Suntory said: “De Kuyper Royal Distillers is our partner of choice in the Netherlands. It is a very professional and dynamic family-owned company with a clear and compelling vision plus longstanding experience in beverages. The team is very passionate about our brands and capable of bringing them to the next level.”

He added: “We are looking forward to accelerating the future growth of our brands in the Netherlands together with De Kuyper.”

Beam Suntory has appointed Dutch spirits group De Kuyper as the distributor of its brands in the Netherlands

Source: Beam Suntory and De Kuyper ink distribution deal

De Kuyper Royal Distillers buys Cherry Heering, Heering Coffee Liqueur

De Kuyper Royal Distillers has acquired the cherry brandy brand Cherry Heering and Heering Coffee Liqueur from their owner, Peter F Heering.

The Netherlands-headquartered De Kuyper said earlier today that the pair will now be available via its global network. Financial details behind the transaction were not disclosed.

“De Kuyper initiated a business transformation two years ago and is continuously looking for premium brands to enhance its international portfolio,” said De Kuyper CEO Mark de Witte. “Cherry Heering is the global reference for a variety of classic cocktails and a great fit; fully in line with our company strategy and vision to ‘Own the Cocktail’.

Source: De Kuyper Royal Distillers buys Cherry Heering, Heering Coffee Liqueur

De Kuyper Royal Distillers Acquires Cherry Heering

De Kuyper Royal Distillers, well known for the world’s largest brand of premium cocktail liqueurs, announces the acquisition of Cherry Heering from the brand owner Peter F. Heering. Cherry Heering Liqueur, probably the oldest cherry liqueur in the world, was established in 1818. It is known as the original “Cherry Brandy” and contributed to the creation of some of the most legendary cocktails. The very first “Singapore Sling” was created with Cherry Heering and since then, the brand has been the global reference for this famous cocktail. Today it is still the essential ingredient and global reference for the world-famous cocktails, the “Blood and Sand” and the “Copenhagen.” From now on, Cherry Heering will be available to bartenders and consumers around the globe through the De Kuyper network.

Source: De Kuyper Royal Distillers Acquires Cherry Heering

First look: Beaver’s Westheimer

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First look: Beaver’s Westheimer

The giant beaver statue perched over
6025 Westheimer in the Galleria neighborhood
is a happy sentinel promising good things to come. Fans of Beaver’s will have to wait about a week though before the dam bursts and the much-anticipated second outpost of the popular restaurant off the Washington corridor opens.

Beaver’s Westheimer has set Jan. 2 as the opening date of its new store in the old Texadelphia space. The sprawling Beaver’s compound has been cleverly outfitted to look like a hunting lodge with great expanses of rough-hewn wood and tree trunk designs running through the main dining room, the Beaver Den (an adult’s-only whiskey bar; think of it as a huntsman’s version of El Patio’s Club No Minors), a special events space called the Barn, and a generous courtyard patio with a fire pit and a vintage Spartan trailer retrofitted as a service bar. With a capacity for about 260 guests, the new Beaver’s is more than three time the size of the first Beaver’s at 2310 Decatur.

SPIRIT OF SUCCESS – Interview with Marc de Kuyper

The scents of juniper, cloves, liquorice and dried orange fill the air in the infusing shed at the De Kuyper headquarters in Schiedam, a small town just outside Rotterdam. Huge glazed pottery jars line the walls, emblazoned with the Dutch names of the products that are maturing inside them: gember, anijszaad, koriander (pictured below). Antique copper distilling equipment sits around. Hatches on the floor cover massive tanks in which flavours are being slowly infused into alcohol, ready to be exported all over the world. But it’s the smell that you remember; a mixture of the medicinal and the sweet, like an apothecary run by Willy Wonka.

“I grew up with that smell,” says Marc de Kuyper, the 11th generation of his family to work in the distilling business. “I used to come here in the school holidays and do all the jobs that nobody else wanted to do: unpacking boxes, cleaning floors, the menial jobs.”

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Mandarine Napolean: Napoleon’s favorite liqueur experiences a renaissance two centuries later

Play word association with Napoleon Bonaparte, and it usually goes something like this: short, hat, tyrant. Oddly, we may soon add a few new ones to the list: mandarin, liqueur, delicious.

For that we can blame Antoine-Francois de Fourcroy, a chemist who held public offices under Napoleon’s reign and who happened to be an amateur distiller. In the late 1700s, he began experimenting with cognac and Sicilian mandarin oranges — macerating the fruit in the alcohol and then blending the resulting distillate with more cognac.


Source: Mandarine Napolean: Napoleon’s favorite liqueur experiences a renaissance two centuries later

De Kuyper CEO Mark de Witte is set to unleash a new dawn for the historic company as he seeks to “own the cocktail” with his strategic vision.


Ex-Bacardi DACH & Nordics chief executive Mark de Witte is the CEO of De Kuyper 

Source: The spirits business

It’s been a period of significant change for De Kuyper Royal Distillers. The family-owned Dutch liqueurs firm, with a history stretching back to 1695, has undergone a rebrand and unveiled a new distillery in the last 24 months alone, plus it recently, launched the Rutte white spirits brand.

Then, in July 2015, the pace of change quickened even further, when ex-Bacardi DACH & Nordics chief executive Mark de Witte took up the role of CEO.

The contrast between the two businesses is sharp, and the move from the world’s largest family-owned company to a smaller entity could have been a bumpy one. But it’s a change de Witte appears to be relishing.

Fresh off a plane from Bar Convent Berlin (he rates the bar scene in the city as fast catching up with that of London and New York), de Witte is animated, clearly passionate about the drinks trade and energized, despite the rigor of an undoubtedly hectic few days in his former stomping ground.

“It was fantastic,” he evaluates, clearly excited about his time at the event. “A lot of trends are really starting at BCB [in Berlin]. I do think there is a broader trend for real authenticity, craftsmanship… and the more classical cocktails are coming back.”

It’s this eagerness for the industry that shines through when we talk, and surely also smoothed the transition from Bacardi to De Kuyper. Both are family-owned, but, as de Witte notes, the difference in scale means that the familial values in the latter really come across strongly.

Family values

“In the case of De Kuyper family values are very, very clear – it’s ingrained in the company. The board is chaired by a non-family member – the family is in that respect at arm’s length and really trust the non- family management to run the business.”

But two family members do have a hands-on presence: Marc De Kuyper runs the US affiliate, while Remy De Kuyper heads up production.

After those crucial first 100 days “in office”, any new leader will be keen to set out their priorities. And de Witte’s primary approach clearly reflected those family values.

“I’ve had breakfast and lunch sessions with all employees. Literally all of them,” he explains. “To understand what gets them out of bed, to understand what they like about the company what they don’t like about the company, their own role.”

It’s a surprising strategy in the fast-paced business world. Yet de Witte explains meeting as many employees as possible has been an essential early doors strategy throughout his career. It was only after hearing from those “on the ground” that he started to evaluate the state of the business with the executive team.

De Witte is frank: discussions have already seen processes “restructured” and new ways of working rolled out. The bigger picture, however, is the development of “a new strategic roadmap for the next five to 10 years”. While plans were still to be fully finalized, he was surprisingly open about his vision for the de Kuyper’s future.

“We want to be a premium liqueur and premium spirits company, the cocktail leader in the on- and off-trade, and we want to own the cocktail,” he states, a phrase he often repeats.

The strategy has two arms: liqueurs will retain their “very important” positioning and will be strengthened, and the firm will venture further into the premium base spirit territory than before.

“You need premium base spirits to be able to deliver all the ingredients to own the cocktail. From a portfolio perspective [that’s] where we want to be.”

The Bittersweet Allure of Orange Liqueur and How To Use It

In the annals of cocktail-ing, orange liqueur historically is the most used liqueur in recipes.
Unfortunately, just picking up some orange liqueur and dosing it into a drink isn’t as simple as it sounds.

There are numerous orange-based liqueurs out there — from proprietary recipes to generically named — thus making one’s choices quite perplexing at time.

Since bartenders spend their days and nights behind the stick, it stands to reason that they have a chance to play around with all manner of citrus-y selections. Curaçao and Triple Sec — the former darker, the latter usually clear — are the generic terms here. Whichever you favor, one thing is certain. Each style and brand) has its own distinct character, sweetness level, and texture, all factors that affect a drink’s flavor profile. Curaçao can be colored in numerous tones, the most familiar and campy being blue.


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Rutte Throws Epic House Party at Tales of the Cocktail – Chilled Magazine

Red solo cups, flowing Gin & Tonics, pizza delivery, and a live performance by old-school hip-hop legend Cam’ron…

Rutte Distillateurs – one of the smallest distilleries in the Netherlands with over seven generations of distilling – stepped out of the box and threw the house party of all house parties on Friday, July 23rd, 2016 to close out their Tales of the Cocktail activations this year. An old school hip hop party is out of the norm for the Dutch brand, however, giving consumers what they want is completely on brand, and old school hip-hop is what they wanted. The line began forming outside of the venue before 8pm as TOTC goers were eager to get inside.

Source: Rutte Throws Epic House Party at Tales of the Cocktail – Chilled Magazine

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